We Help You Create a Drama Free Workplace Where Your Team Thrives

Conflict costs you time, money, and performance

You Are Tired of the Drama and Want Peace!

Your Team is Resistant and Disengaged

Conflict is Tearing Your Team Apart

Your Team Lacks Motivation and Drive

You Feel Stuck

You Are Tired of Trying Without Results

Conflict is costing you thousands in lost performance, some of your best people are leaving, and drama is stealing the focus of your leaders. 

At Genesis Consulting, we understand the drama. We have helped thousands of others resolve conflict, end the drama, and move forward with a healthy culture.

Your Plan To End The Drama

Step One

Check us out. We offer a FREE phone consultation to see if we are a good fit

Step Two

We STOP the conflict and work toward peace

Step Three

Enjoy the peace and profits

Your Plan to Create a Drama-Free Performance Workplace


We begin with listening to all parties. Your team fills out confidential narratives. We follow up with interviews. We discover the source and system of the conflict.


We schedule mediations with those involved in the source of the conflict.


We train your staff in conflict management skills.


We help you address any systemic or management issues contributing to the conflict.


We help you create a healthy culture where your team thrives.


You enjoy the peace and profits and return to your dream and goals for the business.


We offer a FREE 30-minute phone consultation. You may be a phone call away from peace and performance