Your Family Business Deserves Peace And Legacy

We help you create a drama-free workplace for family and staff, where your team thrives and legacy becomes a reality

To Create A Culture Of Peace And Legacy, You Need To Master Healthy Conflict Resolution And Legacy Habits

Your Staff Is Leaving Because Of The Drama

You Can't Navigate The Family Dynamic

You Are Tried Of Trying Without Results

Your Children Are Not Ready To Lead The Business

You Feel Stuck

At Genesis Consulting Service, We Understand Your Problems. Our Experienced Team Can Guide You Through The Drama To Resolve The Conflict And Prepare The Next Generation For Leadership. All For Less Than You Think. 

The Plan For Conflict Intervention

Find The Source

We help you discover the source of the conflict


We mediation while seeking to restore family relationships

Enjoy The Performance And Profits

We guide you through a process to focus on performance and profits


We offer a FREE 30-minute phone consultation. You may be a phone call away from peace and performance