Your Non-Profit Deserves Peace and Unity

We assist non-profits in resolving destructive conflict and achieving peace and unity.

To Create a Culture of Peace and Unity, You Need to Master Healthy Conflict Resolution and Unity Habits

But There Are Problems…

Good People Are Leaving

Your Staff or Board is Divided

People Are Forming Opposing Groups

Conflict is Escalating

Everything You Have Tried is Not Working

Genesis Gathers A Team To Specifically Meet Your Unique Needs. We Immediately Engage To De-Escalate Conflict. Destructive Conflict Is Costing You Greatly. We Offer Discount Services To Non-Profits To Help You Back On The Path To Peace And Unity.

We Have Found These Simple Processes Will Solve Your Most Pressing Problems…



Disrupt Unhealthy Conflict

We help identify the source of conflict, mediate with those involved to resolve the issue, and get you back to performance and profit.



“If you can measure it, you can improve it.”

– Peter Drucker

We use a proven three step method that boosts performance and improves motivation.



Every leader needs a guide

Even Luke Skywalker needed Obi-Won Kenobi. We help leaders create a force to jump to the next level.

Your Plan to Create a Drama-Free Performance Workplace


We offer a FREE 30-minute phone consultation. You may be a phone call away from peace and performance