We Help Business Partnerships Navigate Rough Waters to Reach Their Destinations

We Help Restore Broken Partnerships. Or, if the Decision is Dissolution of the Partnership, We Help Keep the Process Peaceful Without Litigation

You Created a Business Partnership to Grow a Business Together, But Problems Arose…

We Cannot Agree on the Direction of the Company

We Cannot Trust Each Other

One of us Wants Out

We Are Not Clear on Our Roles and Keeping Boundaries

We Cannot Agree on How to Run the Company

We Are Fighting in Front of Employees, Impacting the Culture of the Company

Unresolved Conflict Can Become a Cancer in Your Partnership and Entire Company. Too Often, Partners Come to us After Their Relationship Has Blown Up and is Impacting the Company. The Faster You Act to Get Things Back on Track, the Faster You Can Focus Back on the Company. Our Fees Are Far Less Than That of an Attorney.

At Genesis Consulting, We Understand Your Problems. Our Experienced Team Has Helped Others Resolve Conflict by Rebuilding Trust and Clarifying Issues. And, if a Partner Wants Out, We Help With a Peaceful Exit, Without Litigation. Stop Loosing Sleep and Take Your First Step Toward Peace. 

We Have Found These Simple Processes Will Solve Your Most Pressing Problems…

Step One


Stop the Destructive Conflict

Conflict intervention is the first step in creating peace. 

Step Two


Rebuild Trust and Clarity

We help you define and clarify areas to address and rebuild trust. 
If a partner wants out, we help you through a peaceful process of separation. 

Step Three


Get Back to Business and Success

Enjoy the reason for your partnership and move forward with success.
If the partnership is dissolved, we help both of you move forward at peace. 

FREE Consultations are valued at $125!


We offer a FREE 30-minute phone consultation. You may be a phone call away from peace and performance